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We've got new boulder problems on red holds! There is one of everything and a fe…

We've got new boulder problems on red holds! There is one of everything and a few extra red graded problems just to groove on the red theme. Here Kiana shows how it's done.

If you've previously avoided (or perhaps had a bit of a difficult experience) on the boulder wall it might be worth another look – there are more green and blue (relatively easy) graded problems than ever before and although it's never going to be the place for a leisurely jaunt…well, bring some patience, some time and get your teeth into some great climbing.

A reminder about the grading system: Tape indicates grade (green is easiest, the blue, yellow, red etc) and the problems are set on a single colour of hold as well. So there might be some red holds with blue tape and some green holds with blue tape – these would be two completely independent problems of comparable difficulty. There might also be blue holds with blue tape and some other blue holds with red tape – these would also be completely independent of each other and the red taped problem would be much more difficult.
We do this instead of just allocating a grade tag at the start (like with our routes) so that we can fit lots of problems on the same section wall without asking you to distinguish between dark blue holds and light blue holds and blue holds with a white swirl through them which, over time all become caked in chalk and very difficult to tell apart.

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