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Kid’s Parties

BdaycakeDoing your own kid’s birthdays can generally be a hassle. While the kids are having fun running around the house making a mess you, as the parent, have to run around organising and cleaning up after them.

At the Rockhouse, we have a solution to your party blues. We offer you a hassle-free kids party that includes indoor rockclimbing and the option of a catered meal, plus we will clean up the mess.

Our trained staff will happily host your party. This includes belaying (holding the rope for the climber) and encouraging your kids to climb and if necessary entertaining them with fun games and activities.

The kids are guaranteed to be tired out when you leave after spending two hours climbing on the many different ropes. Kids can also try caving as an added option. Explore the Rockhouse caving system, a taste of real caving! More information?

For more information about what happens at our centre and what to wear please see our FAQ page.

Parents have the option of joining in the fun and climbing, or helping out with the belaying (holding the rope for the climber). To do this you will be required to wear a harness and undergo a short session of safety instruction, or you can have the day off and just sit back and enjoy the party.

To cater for the kids’ appetites there are 2 options:

  • A ‘Pizza Party’
    This is a Pizza Hut Pizza meal, which includes Pizza (one large pizza per 4 children), a 250ml can of drink and a Paddle Pop ice cream.
    There is a minimum order of 3 large pizzas for this option.
  • Self Catered
    You are welcome to bring along your own party food & drink, BBQ facilities are available on request.
    Food and Drink must be consumed in the party room, and eating time is included in the two hour time limit.

Waiver forms are required from the parents of each child before they climb. These can be accessed online after a booking is made from our forms section. A minimum deposit of $100 or credit card details are required to confirm the booking. Send your completed booking form to info@rockhouse.com.au
Colour birthday invitiations are available online from our forms section after a booking is made.

Party Pricing
Standard Party (10 Children for 2Hrs) $235.00
Additional Children $23.00 per child
Caving (30min party time extension) $5.00 per child
Pizza Party Meal (as outlined above) $7.50 per child
Self Catering No extra cost, but add $2.00 if BBQ facilities are required.
Please note – Parties choosing to extend their two hour limit can pre-book
the extension for an extra 20% per hour. Overstaying on the day will incur a
minimum 50% fee.

Please feel free to Contact Us for anymore information.

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