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ClimbingClinicHaving a social event? Why not come to the Rockhouse for your next social occasion? Be it your birthday, buck’s or hen’s night, work social or team building activity, the staff at the Rockhouse have some great ideas for these occasions and are very happy to help with the organisation of your event. If you would like further information please contact us.



Corporate Packages

At the Rockhouse we offer several different corporate packages, personally tailored to your company’s needs. Packages range from social days to team building and leadership days. Your company is invited, and
encouraged, to liaise with our experienced staff to design a custom package to identify and meet the needs of your company.

Although indoor rock climbing is a physical sport, people of all ages and abilities can be involved, from the very adventurous to the timid. Indoor rock climbing create different personal challenges for everybody, and our facility is suited to this with ropes from beginner to advanced climbs.
Indoor rock climbing is a fantastic choice for your team building and corporate events as we offer a different experience, which takes people out of their everyday comfort zone whilst still remaining in a controlled environment. People work in pairs or small groups and develop a strong sense of trust by relying on their partner at the other end of the rope.

At the Rockhouse we can comfortably operate with groups of up to 40, but have previously run events with different teams over a week-long program.
In our team building packages, teams are given a series of challenges, which can be tailored to your business. Groups will learn to be interactive with each other to successfully complete tasks and challenges.
If you want to set up a fun competition, we can put teams up against each other.

Packages at the Rockhouse focus on personal and team goal setting and achievements, team building and encouragement, problem solving, leadership skills and a unique style of thinking ‘outside the square’.
All of your staff will leave the Rockhouse talking about their experience and feeling like they have accomplished something.
The Rockhouse also offers a conference room, which is great for lectures, motivational speeches, or a relaxing debrief at the end of the day.

Package options range from:

  • Social Days
  • Team building and problem solving
  • Leadership and problem solving
  • Speakers/trainers (motivational, leadership or team building)

All packages have the option of catering, from finger food to a lavish BBQ with salads.
For option 4 you are welcome to supply your own speakers/trainers or have the Rockhouse supply speakers/trainers for you.

For more information, example package outlines or a quote, please contact us.

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