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Are you new to climbing? Have you ever gone into a climbing centre and seen those climbers at the top of the walls and thought ‘WOW’ how do they do that! Can I do that? Where do I start?’

All climbers, when they visit a climbing centre for the first time, are shown the rope skills they will need to keep each other safe and the layout of the facility – but not how to actually climb because it’s just not that simple.
The Northern Beaches Rockhouse runs clinics for beginner and intermediate climbers to help you quickly pick up the skills and technique needed to make it to the top of those difficult climbs.
Over four weeks you will complete four 90 minute sessions covering:

  • Basic Balance
  • Diagonal contact theory
  • Economy and Recovery
  • Climbing on Steep Surfaces
  • Introduction to Climbing Equipment Selection

During the four weeks you will gain familiarity and trust with the other climbers taking the clinic. Many participants, six months later, are still finding their most reliable partners are the people they met during their clinic.
So don’t wait to meet a new group of friends – they are waiting, along with all the health, fitness, muscle tone and self-assurance benefits of climbing.
The next Learn to Climb Clinics for beginners and intermediate climbers will commence on:


  • Monday, November, 2019 (date to be advised)

The clinics will run over four weeks with weekly 90 minute sessions from 6:30 to 8pm.
The cost to attend the basic four week clinic is $260. This includes entry, all gear hire and instruction. If you already own climbing harness, shoes and a chalkbag the cost is $240.
Two other options are available:

1. Basic clinic plus unlimited climbing for the duration of the four week clinic. Cost is $295 and includes unlimited entry for four weeks as well as instruction and gear hire during the clinic sessions.
If you have your own gear the cost is $275. Extra fee applies to hire gear other than clinic sessions.
2. Basic clinic plus a 10 entry pass. Cost is $360 and includes four clinic sessions, and ten visits whenever you wish (10 entry pass is valid for 4 months). If you have your own gear the cost is $340.
Extra fee applies to hire gear outside the clinic sessions.

Join one of our Rockhouse Learn to Climb Clinics and fast-track your climbing apprenticeship!
Bookings are essential and places are limited. We require a $50 non-refundable deposit to confirm clinics places.

For more information please contact us.

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