We Love Climbing!


Who can indoor rock climb?
Anyone with a basic level of fitness and an able body is capable of climbing. Our clientele has included three year olds through to 75 year olds. We also offer climbing to disability groups and individuals. If in doubt, contact us.

Do I need to complete any forms?
All visitors to the Rockhouse must complete and sign a waiver form before they can climb. Under 16 year olds must have their form signed by a parent or legal guardian. Once this is signed you will be given a membership card which is recorded on our system. Use this card the next time you come and you will not have to complete another form.

What do you need?
The Rockhouse has all necessary equipment for hire. All climbers and belayers will need a harness each; hire shoes and chalk bags are optional. Personal climbing gear is welcome, subject to inspection and approval by experienced Rockhouse Staff. All climbers will need to wear enclosed footwear, anything from trainers to specialist climbing shoes. Wear comfortable, non-restrictive clothing (no skirts), similar to what you would wear to a normal work-out.

Do I need any instruction before I can climb?
All climbers and belayers will undergo introductory instruction from our qualified staff. Children under the age of 13 need to be accompanied by an adult.

How long can I climb for?
The Rockhouse prices are for a full-day pass; you may leave and return on the one entry fee. (This does not include booked groups/parties, which are limited to a two hour pass). Most first time climbers can last up to two hours for their first time climbing; some have a lunch break and then return.

Is it safe?
Climbing, as with any sport, has potential for injury. To ensure a safe and controlled environment, the Rockhouse maintains a high level of safety and instruction, with modern gear, and qualified and experienced staff.

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